I love you -and chocolate

Do you know that “I love you”  is the three most wanted words in the world?

The words that make the light shine in everyone’s eye and make the world as bobling as champagne…. or wrilly good chocolate.

Nothing wrilly beats good chocolate in my mind….


Do you know that the three words I’m leaving you”  are said almost as often as I love you?

And that it cost the society millions of dollars that people are unhappy?

And that we make twice as often mistakes when our hearts are full of confusion and sorrow?

I think that we all believe in love someway even the most hardheaded.

I believe in the beauty in loving somebody more than my self.   I even romantic enough belive that its what our souls are made for…

To love and cherish. To love and respect. To love and feel, in the center of your heart, that this is just the one….

Feel like the stars above has suddenly and magicly immersed into your heart.

I love that feeling…..It beats everything else in my life.


Though some form of everyday sorrow I truly believe, can be helped with fine chocolate, but the feeling off unconditional love is for free and it feels divine.

Doesn’t it?

A gift to remember. Even when its not there anymore….

I love you…..