Do you love me? Life relationship

Many couples regret divorce.

Some end up, missing the life and their former spouse…



Many divorses may not be what the couple wrilly wants, but end up as a divorse. And over the years many couple seems to regret their divorse. Many couples miss out the commen recollection, the feeling of being one in life, as a couple, and a s parents, and as lovers.

Are you one of them?

Several marriage counselors say they are contacted by more and more divorced couples who want to start over, the Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad writes.

According to Statistics Denmark, four out of 10 marriaged couple end up in divorce.

The risk of divorce is highest after five years of being a couple, and had injoyed marriaged – 30 years ago most people gave up after 9 years of marriage.

– During the last few years, I have had more and more couples as clients, who regret their divorce. And today I also help clients win back their ex. Perhaps decisions to get divorced are often premature, says Ingrid Ann Watson, who has worked as a marriage counselor in Nærum north of Copenhagen for 20 years.

She says many people seek help to win back their ex, because they feel they have lost something unique in the divorce.

But what to do about that? Do you have any comments about it I would love to hear them!

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Hugs from

Ingrid Ann Watson



Life relationship

“It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is.”

—Hermann Hesse

To be one and still be you...


Today, is dedicated to sacred love and the experience of union in our relationships. As we have explored, love and spirit are the same force. At the core of every being there is only love, because the core of every being is only spirit. The two are the same—an abstract, unifying force that is all pervasive.  

When we awaken to our essential loving, spiritual nature, we let go of old fears and defenses and connect with others in love. As we recognize the spirit in everyone we meet, we feel a deeper sense of peace, acceptance, and compassion. Our perspective shifts from “I” to “we,” and in this space of expanded awareness, miracles unfold.

You are more powerful and influential than you think! Today use this influence to change the world. Take a few moments to visualize an energy pulse that is filled with love and peace for all. One way to cultivate energy is to clap your hands once and when they touch with impact begin to rub them together, back and forth. Feel and visualize the heat growing and expanding between your hands. Hold this energy ball as if it is the most precious gift you have to offer to the world in this moment. Allow your hands to separate and feel the energy grow within the space between your hands. Open your hands, sending this tangible loving intention to someone you know or to everyone in the world. Once you have offered your gift, let go, knowing that your love has already been received.   

Deepak Chopra


Life relationship

Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.” —William Shakespeare

Miraculous  Self                                                                                                                                                                                         

Today you’re invited to relax into the infinite space of your heart and let yourself receive. 

Many of us were taught that it is better to give than to receive. We easily give our time, energy, and attention to our family and friends, yet we may find it difficult to receive these same things. In reality, giving and receiving are different aspects of the same flow of energy in the universe. Just as every exhalation depends upon an inhalation, the flow of love in our lives depends upon our ability to receive and to care for ourselves. As we meditate today, hold yourself in loving awareness and let your heart receive. 

Mindful Moment
                        Today, begin a practice of daily self-care. Begin by making a list of the loving things you can do for yourself this week—then set the intention to complete one of the items on your list every day. Consider posting the list somewhere prominent or maybe schedule a daily reminder on your phone or computer. Here are a few suggestions: write down one quality you love about yourself, remember to pause and take a few deep breaths when you’re feeling stressed, take a walk or enjoy a good meal with a friend rather than grabbing a sandwich at your desk. As you give freely to yourself you’ll experience the loving awareness that is your natural state.
Deepak Chopra




Christmas, Ceoneo and I -are lovers

Christmas does the trick. Father Christmas,  my christmas makes people feel the love and excietment og life. Åhh christmas soon you come…

And so does Ceoneo. My favoriteband Ceoneo – and I think they want the same.

Make people think about what christmas is for.. Is it to early?

No…smiling…. Its funny, yo older I get yo more I want the candles and al the beautiful stuff they hang up -to start. As early as possible.

Listen and injoy..



I love to blog

Im half danish, half american and I love it

seems as if I have gotten the best from two worlds.  Well thats what I belive.

Im born and raised in Denmark and have my love for The states qua my father and sister who still live in south and nord USA.


I love to blog

Blog, blogging, to be a blogger …..I love it…

Blogging or blog as its called is actually a new trend. If you look back 5 years blogging or bloggers didnt exisite. There was Facebook and we all used that.

Blogging and to be a blogger, having  a blog,  wasnt known and I think wasnt even thought off. Everybody wrote their article on the net using Facebook and before that just our homepage.

And on came bloggin,g and suddenly everybody could write “I love you” in green, at a personal blog. Its like the times we have seen somebody porpose in the open. At a fottballgame on the big screen or on air,  at a tv show. Blogging actually became a sort of open air tv show didnt it?

 Is blogging maybe the new black?    the free encyclopedia

A blog is a portmanteau of the term web log. Until 2009 blogs were usually the work of a single individual, occasionally of a small group, and often were themed on a single subject. As of 16 February 2011, there were over 156 million public blogs in existence.



I love you -and chocolate

Do you know that “I love you”  is the three most wanted words in the world?

The words that make the light shine in everyone’s eye and make the world as bobling as champagne…. or wrilly good chocolate.

Nothing wrilly beats good chocolate in my mind….


Do you know that the three words I’m leaving you”  are said almost as often as I love you?

And that it cost the society millions of dollars that people are unhappy?

And that we make twice as often mistakes when our hearts are full of confusion and sorrow?

I think that we all believe in love someway even the most hardheaded.

I believe in the beauty in loving somebody more than my self.   I even romantic enough belive that its what our souls are made for…

To love and cherish. To love and respect. To love and feel, in the center of your heart, that this is just the one….

Feel like the stars above has suddenly and magicly immersed into your heart.

I love that feeling…..It beats everything else in my life.


Though some form of everyday sorrow I truly believe, can be helped with fine chocolate, but the feeling off unconditional love is for free and it feels divine.

Doesn’t it?

A gift to remember. Even when its not there anymore….

I love you…..



Im not even here

A client told me this…

As it seems I pretty often have to be here. Inside me and at the same time inside you so that I always know how you feel. Thats my job. Our relationship is build on my capacity to feel you and to predict what you want and need. And its been so good for so long, but suddanly I woke up one morning and I was gone. I wasnt even inside my self. I was all in you and all me was gone and I was about to die.

So I told you but you didnt listen. You pet me on the arm (the left) and said that you understod and taht I should´nt worry. I was just stressed out….and what are we having for dinner?

So I left because the choice you gave me was either food or soul. I took the car…